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Manage your brand right within Base Styles. Store your digital brand assets and publish your Brand Book to communicate your brand to the world.

Keep your brand consistent, clear and unified. You'll have the peace of mind that you'll be on-brand every time!

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Working with Base Styles has helped our branding a lot. We work with various partners and sending them the Brand Book is super effective and saves a lot of time.

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General Manager at BWork Bali

Never worry about your branding again.

Base Styles is a brand asset platform that helps you manage and communicate your brand’s identity.

Manage brand assets with ease

Our web-based platform is very simple and quick to use. One central base for your brand.

Communicate your brand

Create a brand book right within Base Styles and share it easily and quickly with the world.

Collaborate together

Work together in the same workspace on digital assets and stay in the loop.

Start unifying your brand

Experience how Base Styles will help get your branding to the next level. Have the peace of mind that you'll be on-brand every time!

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