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Published: March 7, 2022

What is Typography?

Typography is the way to make language readable and appealing. There are lots of aspects to typography, such as typefaces, fonts, letter-sizing, line-spacing, and letter-spacing.

Making a unique combination of these will give a distinct feeling to your brand. And having cohesion with your typography between your website, marketing material, social media, etc. will strengthen your brand identity.

Now you might wonder what all the previously mentioned terms are. Typefaces? Fonts? Line-spacing? Don't worry, we'll explain each one of them below.

What is a Typeface?

A specific design style of typography is called a typeface. A typeface is a distinct design for glyphs (like the alphabet). Examples of typefaces are Arial, Helvetica or Times New Roman. A typeface is sometimes also referred to as a font family.

What is a Font?

A specific size and style of a typeface is called a font. Examples are Arial Bold 12 or Helvetica 18 italic.

What is letter-sizing?

Letter-sizing is the size of the typeface. A different size of letters can be used to differentiate a headline from normal text, for example.

What is line-spacing?

Line-spacing is the empty space between each line of text. Subtle differences in line-spacing can make texts readable or very hard to read.

What is letter-spacing?

Letter-spacing is the empty space between each letter. Sometimes more space can be beneficial, such as in a wordmark. If the letter-spacing is too little, texts can become hard to read.

If you'd like to learn more about typography itself and the extensive details (what is stroke or serif?) that go in each typeface and font, we found this Material Design documentation page very helpful.

Brand typography

Typography is very important in branding because it can boost your brand identity and brand recognition. Having a particular or perhaps even custom typeface will help customers recognise your brand better. And together with a consistent way of writing, it can set a strong foundation for your brand personality.

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