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Publishing your brand book

After adding your first few brand assets ( or perhaps you've already added them all! ), it's time to publish your brand book. This is the final step in our getting started guide.


  • Brand Book - A brand book is your online branding guidelines. It's a live website that contains all your brand assets and is accessible to everyone with the URL.

Publishing your brand book

First, navigate to the Brand Books page in the Base Styles dashboard.

  1. Choose a name for your Brand Book.
  2. Choose a URL. By default, the name you've chosen is prefilled. For example, if you choose the name 'My Brand Book', the URL of your brand book will be
    If you'd like a different URL however, you can change the value.
  3. You can optionally choose the publishing status. If the publishing status is set to unpublished (red toggle), the book will not be shown when navigating to the URL.
  4. Last but not least, select a logo for your brand book. This logo will be shown in the header of your brand book. If you haven't uploaded a logo yet, this step is not shown.

You can always change these settings later on.

When you click the 'save' button and your brand book is set to be published, you'll be redirected to your brand book. You can now share the URL with your team or clients.

Next steps

Awesome, your brand book is now live! If you haven't already, you can continue to add all your assets in Base Styles. New assets are automatically added to your brand book.

Building your Brand Book is just one of many features that Base Styles offers. Are you a designer? You can give our Figma plugin a try! Are you a developer? Check out our API !